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During the last 10 years, Madagascar has become a place for tropical climbing. Many of the world´s best climbers have travelled here and equipped routes on a great diversity of rock types in various surroundings.


From boulders to big walls, on granite, gneiss or limestone, exists today over 500 bolted routes on the island, and still there is an enormous potential for further exploring. This rock climbing trip to the north coast region around the town Diego Suarez offers you three different areas of sport climbing suitable for all levels.

The Archipelago of Nosy Hara:
Untouched nature, like you have never seen it before! Two islands, with around 80 equipped routes between 3 and 8a. Nosy Anjombavola, the sacred island, allows only short visits since it is actually an ancient royal graveyard. And Nosy Andantsara, where a small primitive camp has been installed for a limited number of visitors at the time.

Vallé des Perroquets:
Is the latest tropical climbing area revealed, well hidden in the jungle. Surprisingly you find incredible limestone rising high above the papaya trees, with plenty of holes, roofs and stalactite creations.

Montagne de Francais:
Four kilometres of exceptional limestone, with the nicest routes in the grades 6 and 7. Located high, but the uphill walk is worth while the splendid view over the beautiful bay of Diego Suarez. Even though offering world class climbing, that few people ever visits, Madagascar is a lot more than a place to climb in.

The exotic environment, the friendly people, the old traditions bringing Asian and African culture together, is like entering a peaceful world, not yet exploited by the western countries.

12 days in Madagascar for 7 days of climbing

Day 1:
Arrival in Antananarivo, the Capital of Madagascar. Then a connection flight takes you to possibilities for adventures.

Day 2:
Climbing in Montagne de Francais, not far from town.

Day 3:
Driving and sailing to the sacred Island. The drive is impossible without a four-wheel drive, From a small fishing village a large wooden boat, mastered with the only engine in the village, will take us out in the archipelago.

Day 4:
Enjoying the island life, with fantastic snorkelling, climbing on needle-sharp rock and eating well-cooked dinners from whatever the sea offers.

Day 5:
Boat trip to the Nosy Anjombavola, also offering magnificent climbing with a great view over the sea, and for the patient fisher - hunting lobsters with the harpoon.

Day 6:
Opportunity to choose any of the sectors, or just relaxing on the coral coated beach.

Day 7:
Travelling back to Diego Suarez and the hotel comfort, city nightlife and pleasant shopping street.

Day 8:
Climbing in Montagne de Francais.

Day 9:
Climbing in Montagne de Francais / Vallé des Perroquets.

Day 10:
Rest day: There are lots to do in the area. Possibly a boat trip out to the big coral reef ´´La Mer d´Emeraude´´ for snorkelling, or renting motorbikes to explore the surrounding dirt roads.

Day 11:
Climbing in Vallé des Perroquets.

Day 12-13:
Flying back via Antananarivo.

Best time:
End of May to beginning of July.

Group of /Price per person:

2 to 4 people: 1520€

5 to 8 people : 1370€


- All guiding and organization

- All nights at hotels in double rooms

- All taxi and transfer expenses

- Boat and visiting fees to the Islands, 4 nights in tent with all food included

Not included:

- External and internal flights (flight Antananarivo)

- Food (when not on the Islands)

- Rest day activities (such as renting motor bikes)