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Madagascar Natural Tours

Great Lemurs tour

1st November 2017- 1st December 2017, 1st May 2018, 10th June 2018, 1st July 2018,
10th August 2018, 1st September 2018, 1st OCTOBER 2018, 01st NOVEMBER 2018

Days 1-3 Antananarivo / Diego Suarez / Ankarana National Park

From Antananarivo ("Tana"), Madagascar’s capital, head to Diego Suarez, and explore Ankarana, a reserve with spectacular landscapes, including the eroded limestone towers known as “tsingy,” and many species of lemurs, including crowned lemurs, endemic to northern Madagascar.HOTEL

Days 4-5 Amber Mountain National Park / Antananarivo

At Amber Mountain, a biologically diverse reserve whose montane rainforests offer huge green tree ferns, crystal-clear crater lakes, picturesque waterfalls, and a wealth of wildlife, we walk forested trails in search of more lemurs and a varied flora—1,000 species, a botanist's delight! We fly back to Antananarivo on Day 5.

Days 6-9 Fort Dauphin / Berenty Reserve / Antananarivo

We fly to Fort Dauphin and drive to Berenty Reserve, home to the unique “spiny desert” habitat. This small private park that preserves a third of Madagascar’s remaining tamarind forest and is a superb place to see friendly ring-tails and superbly acrobatic sifakas, known for their death-defying tree leaps and the sideways hops they use to get around on the ground. We fly back to Antananarivo on Day 9.

Days 10-13 Andasibe National Park (Perinet)

Days 10-13 Andasibe National Park (Perinet) We head to Andasibe (Perinet), famed as the home of the Indri indri, a lemur whose haunting treetop song carries for miles as one troop calls to another. Their Malagasy name is babakoto, or “Father of Man.” These three-foot-tall primates are renowned treetop acrobats. Red-fronted lemurs, grey bamboo lemurs, and woolly lemurs are also found here, along with colorful reptiles including huge Parson’s chameleons. We return to Antananarivo on Day 13 and depart.

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