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Drive to Joffreville village. But after 2 hours drive from Ankarana, you will leave the main road and follow a track of 17km to get to Tsingy rouge, visit this place then go back to the main road to continue to Joffreville .

These tsingy are made of red laterite (similar to clay) and not of limestone rock like the tsingy at l’Ankarana. They are caused by land / mud slides during heavy rain, which is regular in these parts. The effect of burning land that pro voc deforestation and erosion result because of rain season, and becoming imaginary and impressive view of that site are forming the scilicet (sand), late rite (land) and argil and after the visits in red tsingy , an enormous ravine of sharp, ancient rock formations unique to Madagascar. These turned out to be sand formations overlaid by red clay long ago.
Erosion has worn the clay away, exposing the tall white (with tinges of red) columns of sand formations underneath. For those who’ve been to Bryce Canyon National Park, it’s similar (though much smaller).

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