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(Authorization n°: 030-13/MINTOUR/SG/DGDT/DAIT/SAT)- Runs by Malagasy people who have traveled around Madagascar and have been in Tourism for 10 years. We are a professional team of dedicated and passionate tourism players based in Antananarivo(the capital city of Madagascar) and in Moramanga , only a hundred kilometer from Antananarivo, and 28km from the most visited park of Madagascar, « ANDASIBE NATIONAL PARK » one of the most unique biodiversity and eco-systems in the world not found elsewhere.



But we also have a representative office in Antananarivo(capital city of Madagascar).

Madagascar Natural Tours, is commited to the conservation of our environment.We dedicate our services to the protection of such environment.We practice “Sustainable & Responsible Tourism” by giving back to the community and environment where we operate from.With your support, part of our profit will be used to aid selected conservation projects.

Why chosing us?

Our guides are the key to the whole Madagascar travel experiences and we are proud to have some of the best in the industry.They have been chosen for their enthusiasm,as well as for their knowledge of the local culture,faunas and floras of Madagascar.

Madagascar Natural Tours is an equal opportunity employer and our core team of travel professionals come from various tribes and people of Madagascar. We believe in integrity of services,the sustainibility of tourism products and provide appropriate returns to our local communities.

We encourage all our travellers to be socially and culturally aware of our responsibilities when travelling. On a tour level, this involves our use of locally owned hotels and lodges as we endeavour to the keep the money our visit generates within the local communities.

It involves us eating in smaller, locally owned restaurants and cafes that source their produce locally and often specialise in regional specialities, and it involves the recruitment of your professional group leader and experienced driver from the regions we visit. All of these steps, not only help the region financially, but they also contribute towards a fantastic trip experience for our travellers. It means you’ll often eat where the locals eat, stay in places reflective of the region and get to see a side of the country other visitors miss out .